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1. The power of automation and scraping | Adriaan Kolf
Adriaan Kolf, MatcHR

September 3

You will learn how automation can increase your recruitment ROI. MatcHR streamlines sourcing <> recruitment processes for TikTok, Mollie, Booking. They will share the best practices on how to make the sourcing process faster and more effective.
2. Ultimate Sourcing Toolkit | Dima Dolidze
Dima Dolidze, Microsoft
September 10

Tools can make your life easier. Dima will tell what tools does he use at Microsoft to boost productivity of his team at work. We will cover free tools, new tools and some essential but not well known ones!
3. Talent mapping: how to build a strong sourcing strategy | John Rose
John Rose. Resourceful

September 17

What are the top relocation countries? What companies can be your donors? What Universities are the best for hiring talents? Market mapping is an essential part of any sourcing strategy. John will guide you on how to make it like a pro!

4. Introduction to data scraping. Real-time examples | Jiri Herodek
Jiri Herodek. Accolade

September 24

Data scraping is a strong analytical tool and helps recruiters to enlarge their talent pools. Jiri will teach you how to get everything done fast and on the point.

5. Low-code sourcing: Back to Basics | Wim Dammans
Wim Dammans. Element.Careers

October 1
Imagine you do not have recruitment budget, no tools. Now go nd find candidates! Wim Dammans tells about how to find candidates using native sourcing techniques and shares his growth hacks on sourcing without special tools for scraping and automation.
6. The best email outreach strategy: how to get candidates to reply | Mike 'Batman' Cohen
Mike "Batman" Cohen

October 8

The first step to getting more candidates to respond to your emails is to simply send better emails. Mike is a pro!

7. Video outreach: how to massively increase your conversions | Adriaan Kolff
Adriaan Kolff. MatcHR

October 15

Adriaan knows the best growth hack on how to improve your response rate to the candidates' outreach. We will share it!

8. How to find hidden stars: tools, x-ray and other platforms | Dima Ponochovniy
Dima Ponochovnyi, MatcHR

October 22

Tech sourcing can be challenging. Dima knows how to scrape data, integrate sourcing tools and find the best candidates in less time.
9. Diversity search: How to find female engineers | Teddy Dimitrova & Glenn Gutmacher
Teddy Dimitrova, Tech Recruiter, People & Culture Advisor
Glenn Gutmacher, Founder of Recruiting-Online.com
October 29

Management and the society ask for diversity hiring. How to leverage quality hiring and diversity goals? How to find female software developers online? Teddy and Glenn have the answer!
10. How to become a sourcing expert | Balazs Paroczay
Balazs Paroczay. Global Sourcing Strategist, theBalazs.com

November 5

Balazs uses his experience helping Talent Acquisition teams improve their core sourcing and recruiting abilities to identify, attract and engage with critical talent.

11. Q&A with Hung Lee: Sourcing community, who to follow, what blogs to read?
Hung Lee. Recruiting Brainfood

November 12

How to build the community? How the community can help in sourcing? Who are the opinion leaders in the industry? Hung is the most famous sourcer evangelist and the creator of Recruiting Brainfood.

12. Q&A with Katrina Collier: Human vs. AI: The future of recruitment
Katrina Collier. Author of The Robot-Proof Recruiter

November 19

In a world of work where recruiters are constantly hearing that their role is at risk from AI, robotics and chatbots, it has never been more important to effectively attract and recruit the right people. Leveraging the power of social media and digital sourcing strategies is only part of the solution, and simply posting a job or sending a LinkedIn InMail is no longer enough.
MatcHR's Course Experts
Co-Founder of Brainfood Recruiting
Recruitment Resourcer at Elements.career
Founder at Wayne Technologies
Global Sourcing Strategist at TheBalazs.com
Founder of The Searchologist
Strategic Advisor at Path 2 Canada
Co-Founder of MatcHR
Founder of Recruiting-Online.com
Senior Talent Acquisition Partner at Accolade
Sourcing Lead at Microsoft
Tech Recruiter, Public Speaker
Tech Sourcing Lead at MatcHR
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